There is no art without an idea and no idea without research: this is how Da & Lo was born, a Luxury Bags Brand, thanks to the extraordinary abilities and determination of Maurizio and Selena Dami.

Through their deep knowledge of,  and their vast experience with, one of the earth’s most important and versatile materials, "Wood" has become a design element and protagonist of this brand.

The love for their work, their experience and creativity, have given new life to burr walnut veneer which they exalt using natural designs to complement and complete nature’s unique bounty.

Maurizio and Selena Dami are engaged in a ceaseless quest for excellent in binding together these different elements. They are not easily satisfied: their desire to excel has made their unique pieces exclusive and unrepeatable; the harmonious designs of the thin burr walnut veneer, the search for colors to match, the modern and feminine forms for a brand that cannot go unnoticed.

Each bag, rigorously fashioned by master craftsmen, is unique, as is each sheet of burr walnut veneer that embodies the spirit and the structure of the wood.

Da & Lo have abandoned traditional schemes, because their bag collections are living material, impressing upon us the extraordinary character of nature which inspires the design achieving levels of unparalleled beauty.

Nature, water, sun and earth are part of our lives, all taken for granted, unnoticed, yet vital for the whole ecosystem. Ecological choice has become a priority which no one can deny.

Eco-sustainability has become not only an idea, but a necessity, and this Luxury Bags brand expresses all of today's philosophy. This refined exaltation of nature through a knowledge of what is healthy and eco-sustainable, encourages reflection upon beauty in the world.

Da & Lo captures the force of nature in a powerfully exclusive manner, without changing its appearance, but rather using nature as an inspiration to give life to the material, capturing our attention, making us reflect, engendering a new awareness.

This brand fully  respects the ecosystem, using eco-sustainable materials to produce unique bags, because each walnut sheet is  unique, different, unrepeatable; and thanks to the law of pure craftsmanship, each bag is also truly unique.

Each bag has its own soul, its own life, of which wood is the true protagonist born after years and years in the forests.

Da & Lo has been able to grasp these features through a special, unique, unrepeatable rendering because the inspirational muse is the great Mother Earth, that wonderful canvas called NATURE.

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